Appendix 1: Union Order of Battle
The Battle of Monocacy, July 9, 1864

Middle Department and Eighth Army Corps, Major General Lew Wallace, commanding

1st Separate Brigade, Brigadier General Erastus B. Tyler, commanding

1st Potomac Home Brigade (5 companies), Captain Charles J. Brown
3rd Potomac Home Brigade, Colonel Charles Gilpin
11th Maryland Infantry Regiment, Colonel William T. Landstreet
144th Ohio Infantry Regiment (3 companies), Colonel A.L. Brown
149th Ohio Infantry Regiment (7 companies), Colonel A.L. Brown
Baltimore Artillery (6 guns), Captain Frederick W. Alexander

Cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel David R. Clendenin, commanding

8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel David R. Clendenin
159th Ohio Mounted Infantry Regiment (detachment), Captain Edward H. Leib
Detachment of Mixed Cavalry, Major Charles H. Wells
Loudoun (Virginia) Rangers

Sixth Army Corps

Third Division, Brigadier General James B. Ricketts, commanding

1st Brigade, Colonel William S. Truex, commanding

14th New Jersey Infantry Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Caldwell K. Hall
106th New York Infantry Regiment, Captain E.M. Paine
151st New York Infantry Regiment, Colonel W. Emerson
87th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel James A. Stahle
10th Vermont Infantry Regiment, Colonel William W. Henry

2nd Brigade, Colonel Matthew R. McClennan, commanding

9th New York Heavy Artillery, Colonel William H. Seward, Jr.
110th Ohio Infantry Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Otto H. Brinkley
122nd Ohio Infantry Regiment (detachment), Lieutenant Colonel CharlesJ. Gibson
126th Ohio Infantry Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Aaron W. Ebright
138th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, Major Lewis A. May

Source: National Park Service, Monocacy National Battlefield